Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What Would You Do If You Were A Mobile Marketing Agency?

Is this the catalyst that kickstarts physical world connection with a 1d code (barcode)?

Anyone that has ever tried to take a closeup picture with their cameraphone will appreciate this device.

From MobileMag Cameraphones get clear pics

Developed by Kenko Digital of Japan and marketed by the folks at Sunphoto, a Korean retailer that is better known for their high-end camera peripherals, the close-up filter doesn't look like much (and will likely be priced accordingly).

This "close-up filter", ensures the clearest photo possible.

If you were talking to the mobile marketing companies, what kind of creative ideas would you offer that would turn this (annoying, easy to lose, who will use it) tool into THE device that could jumpstart barcode scanning and PWC?

It will take more than "text to win" thinking to be a good mobile marketing agency.

Wanna know what these guys would do with this tool?

Have the PWC companies even considered using a macro lens as a promotional tool?

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