Saturday, August 19, 2006

Mobile Commerce Versus Mobile Content

Which will be bigger.

Something for the physical world connection players to think about.

What would you like your physical world hyperlink to do?

I hope more than compare prices.

Great find Mobile Life


Anonymous said...

One-click-to-buy would seem to be essential to become a mobile commerce contender/ would the ability to connect/resolve any purchasing issues related to item and/or billing discrepancies. Sounds complicated. Any PWC player(s) out there preparing to do this routinely? Would think Amazon-eBay-Telcos would want to be all over this...or at least line up with a proxy who can do it for them. Content sellers of all stripes will need to be assured of timely resolution of billing errors/returns IMO (this excludes AOL--everyone knows how poorly they deal with even a simple request to end service lol!). Sounds like successful PWC players will need plenty of infrastructure as well as creativity PP.

Anonymous said...

Mobile content would beat mobile commerce hands down a few years down the line.

I dont think that mobile commerce is really something that should be treated independently of Mobile Content. Its a subset. Price comparison is only the beginning. The killer app is yet to come.