Friday, August 04, 2006

TBS Very Funny Very Innovative

I think this is a unique idea and could be a platform for many other ways to interact with ads and shows on TV. All advertisr should be getting their own text message ads during the show.

I think TBS is on to something with this show, but I think it might be better to start with a free SMS concept first, then add the premium messaging.

TV station TBS will be airing a SMS-based interactive game show called "Midnight Money Madness".

A new show on TBS, premiering August 28th, will have viewers exercising their thumbs along with their brains as they text-message their way to cash and prizes.

Midnight Money Madness, created by the digital arm of production company Endemol, the same company that created Big Brother and Deal or No Deal, is trying to bring the live, call-in game show into the 21st century.

The show will be emceed by two comedians, and will feature man-on-the street interviews and celebrity guests. The show will have no on-screen contestants or studio audience.

Instead, viewers register as contestants online, through a premium SMS message, or by calling a 900 number. If the show contacts them, contestants participate in the show as it airs by answering trivia questions and solving puzzle games.

Participants who register via text message or the 900 number will get Madness-branded content sent to their mobile phones as the show airs.


Anonymous said...

Currently watching this show now, and it is crashing and burning. In 15 minutes, they have had 3 callers. They basically stand around and beg for ANYONE to call.. it's almost pathetic.

Anonymous said...

it's so bad, it's hilarious. jm j bullock was on last night co-hosting the category "name a queen" and it took forever for anyone to call and or guess "dairy" and "RuPaul"---hysterical. i almost called to put them out of their misery, but watching them squirm was way more fun. for a hot minute, anyway.