Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Barcode Authentication By Mobile

Star Online has a story Barcode authentication for your mobile

Macro Kiosk Bhd's newly launched SMS barcode authentication system, dubbed Mobile Authentication Services (MAS), allows mobile phones to be used as a tool to authenticate online ticket purchases as well as collect rewards points.

MAS, which combines compact two-dimensional (2D) barcode and GSM picture technologies, converts text or picture messages into a 2D barcode that can be transmitted to the mobile phone via SMS or WAP push

The barcode can then be used as an electronic ticket or boarding pass for airlines, cinemas, transportation services, hotels and entertainment organisers, said Macro Kiosk chief executive officer, Kenny Goh.

“The user just needs to scan the barcode on a special scanner at the merchant's premises to confirm that he has a ticket before entering,” he said.

Goh added that the system is secure as each barcode is unique and there will be “only one available in the whole world at any one time.” Once a user has used a barcode, it will no longer be valid

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