Thursday, August 24, 2006

Deutsche Bahn Uses Barcodes For Tickets

Deutsche Bahn offers Tickets By Mobile

(Berlin, 24 August 2006) immediately customers of the German course AG tickets can buy by mobile phone. The desired ticket will transfer by Multimedia Messaging service (MMS) to mobile phone.

The customer selects itself the desired train connection at the mobile telephone, selects payment means - credit card or Lastschriftverfahren - and sends its desire with or without reservation until at the latest ten minutes before the departure of the course to the course.

Within fewer minutes the data are set by MMS. The Handy display becomes the ticket, which the course companion with the scanner of its mobile terminal examines.


Anonymous said... Bluetooth or RFID? How backward and old-fashioned.

Scott Shaffer said...

You must be fascinated with our text message contests too then :)