Thursday, September 29, 2005


Here's a great idea. If you don't see coupons for the products you want, go search for them.

From PromoMagazine Viacom adds content to websites via CoolSavings

Viacom Television Stations Digital Media Group has partnered with online couponer CoolSavings to bring advertisers' offers and printable coupons to newly designed CBS station Web sites as part of its "Always On" digital media initiative.

Under the CoolSavings partnership, Viacom's newly retooled Web sites give visitors access to the coupon feature on the local station's homepage. Coupons can be customized for each market, and offers on each site can be targeted to consumers based on the information they submit when registering.

Here's a Pondering Primate Possibility for Google.

Add a coupon "option" to the Google menu (COUPONS) and the owner of that coupon would pay Google for every coupon printed from a search. A coupon is just a barcode.

A consumer searches for nike shoes. Nike submits a coupon that a consumer can print or send as a SMS (text message). Nike pays Google if the coupon gets used. Think of it as Pay-Per-Coupon.

Would it work and would you use it?


Mk said...

Thank you for this information


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Print free maps said...

Pay per coupon works best when it is availble in traditional print and online. When it is attached to relevant local content and distrib uted in a hyper-local matrix. It out performs all sources of media on a cost and redemption basis. This is a result of mistrust of digital content. Tradtional print as an advertising format still carries a value to the consumer.
I have been using pay per coupon since 2006 and I have abandoned the old (pay for exposure) business model. It is cumbersome and ineffective.

Danny Buelna