Friday, April 29, 2005

I Want My IPTV

It's another technology to watch.

No, it doesn't involve the cell phone directly, but it will have a HUGE impact on advertising.
I have been doing my homework on this technology and am uncovering all of the players associated with this.

From CzechBusiness Weekly IPTV is not a nursery-school joke .

IPTV is television that uses the Internet as its data-distribution system. The Internet can connect directly to a set-top box, or STB for those of us in the business, and then out to your television. Accessing what you want to watch is as simple as using a remote control.

IPTV will offer On Demand Programming (video on demand), and ad skipping. You can pause, rewind and fast-forward. Consequently IPTV helps you avoid traditional advertising, which in turn means that marketers will have to rethink their approaches. (Think of TIVO, I have done plenty of pondering on these problems/solutions already).

Due to the interactive nature of IPTV, when you watch a program and see a placed product that interests you, you can opt to find out more information or even buy the product immediately. See the advertising possibilities, I do.

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JoeyCoco said...

IP TV is indeed already strong in France.

Free (Internet provider) provides Internet+IPTV+IP-Phone for E30/month.

TPS & Canal+ (the 2 sat TV operators) already provide TV through IP