Wednesday, April 27, 2005


From Business 2.0 online video ads get ready to grab you .

Another great article by Matthew Maier.

The thing to watch will be the Web commercials touting the pictures -- banners and trailers that promise to showcase the most advanced Web video advertising ever.

You'll be able to stop, rewind, or fast-forward the trailers and e-mail them to friends. But the real bleeding-edge technology set to take off this summer is called "hotspotting".

The ads -- designed by upstart interactive agencies such as Deep Focus ,eLine Technologies, Klipmart, and MovieBanners -- will embed hyperlinks and pop-up windows in the frames of the movie trailers, turning each character or object into a virtual library of information

Imagine what happens when hyperlinks are embedded into TV shows.Will this ability through IPTV be able to save the TV advertising industry?
I have plenty of ideas on and about that.

Full-motion online ads are quickly emerging as one of the Web's next big moneymakers. Big-name brands will spend $198 million on the medium this year -- a 70 percent jump over 2004, according to Jupiter Research. And that's expected to surge to $657 million by 2009 as broadband stretches everywhere and compression technologies evolve

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