Monday, April 18, 2005

Interactive Store Fronts

From PR MobileRC makes interactive store fronts a reality .

LocaModa Inc a pioneer of mobile
location-based interactive marketing and commerce, today launched MobileRC, an
interactive software application that enables shoppers to use a standard
mobile phone like a remote control, to control a large screen display
typically found in a retail environment.

"MobileRC is a very intuitive and compelling application," said Stephen
Randall, LocaModa's CEO. "People are more likely to interact with
location-based services when they remain in control. We do that literally by
turning their mobile phones into remote controls."

The MobileRC platform offers a hosted service that enables a storefront
interactive screen to allow prospective homebuyers to browse properties via
their mobile phones. Users call the number displayed on screens located in
the realtor's window.

I would imagine this service requires the use of a GPS/LBS type of device.


Anonymous said...

Nah, I doubt it. A deceptively simple app. Look at their web site.

Stephen Randall said...

Not a bad guess Vangorilla, but wrong:) We want to enable every mobile phone user to use the application, so there's a number on the screen (in the window) and the user dials that number (simple so far!) and, for this specific application, we are using an IVR interface which takes over and interprets the user's key presses as mouse commands. The screen in the window (which is connected to the web of course) obligingly responds. So no need for compex client stuff or special downloads. As an ex Symbianite, I know how sexy that could be, but also how much harder it would make the user experience :)

Stephen Randall