Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Location Location Location Search Engine

I hate to say it, but I think Google is going to beat Microsoft to the phone.
After seeing Google tie their SMS, local mobile search into the Yellow Pages database the other day, I realized that Google is that much closer to offering a bunch of mobile killer applications.

There is just one thing they need to do that will make it “game over” for Microsoft. Google needs to incorporate a GPS feature into their search. The key component to finding info on your cell phone will have to be your location. That is resolved without the user ever typing in his address or zipcode.

Google has come out with such great beta ideas for the cell phone (maps, driving directions, yellow pages, satellite photos), but all of them are missing one key component that keep them from being killer apps.

Google also knows their bread and butter is the advertising dollar. They created a great app (search engine) and the advertiser flocked to it with their dollars. Google HAS TO KNOW that the advertising dollar WILL SHIFT TO THE MOBILE. Google’s job is to create a killer app for consumers first, then the ad dollars come second.

I think they are in the process of doing this right now. There is one thing left to do before Bill Gates acknowledges that his “ass got kicked again”.

Google doesn’t have an OS for the PC or the cell phone. But what chip is, or will be, on EVERY CELLPHONE, PDA? What chip delivers the “z” component in “x,y,z”? What is the biggest variable for delivering information to the cell phone?

What is the one way Google can “control” every cell phone and deliver relevant results both to the consumer and for the advertiser?

Google won’t need an OS if they can tie into every cell phone thru the GPS chip. Google will be tied into the key component in EVERY phone. Brand name recognition (Google) and a GPS chip (on every cell phone) will deliver many mobile killer apps.

You won’t have to type in “weather 100012” anymore. That’s assuming you know what zip code you’re in. Just type “weather” and let Google do the rest

Imagine typing in “Newark airport” and getting complete driving directions and a map too. Could Google offer a GPS service right on your phone too?

Imagine typing in Starbucks, and the closest one with a map pops up on your screen. Now do you think Starbucks would put advertising dollars behind this?

Do you think this could resolve some of the trademark issues Google now faces? Could brands work with Google on this?

What if you type in “pizza” and Google recognizes you’re on 5th and 46th. Google delivers the 5 closest pizzerias to your location along with maps and phone numbers.
The keyword “pizza” means many different things based on your location. Why would Joe’s Pizza in Queens advertise if the user was doing a request to find pizzerias in Manhattan?

See how Google can get more for the word “pizza” from different areas and make mobile search queries more relevant.

When the query for “pizza” comes in to Google, they look up location of the phone, determine who paid for the keyword “pizza” in that zone and deliver the relevant results.

This will be the most efficient and effective mobile search. It will also be another goldmine for Google. And EVERYBODY wins.

If I’m right, and Google can incorporate a GPS feature into their mobile search, I think Google will carry their dominance onto the phone .

This is how Google closes the Gates on Microsoft .

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Anonymous said...

Vangorilla, you know it.

From the Google job page:

Google is hiring engineers to bring our wireless products to the next level. We are looking for people with experience in making the web and web services available on mobile platforms. Our goal in the wireless group is to to make the world's information universally accessible and useful - at any time and in any place.

BS/MS/Ph.D. in CS or equivalent.
Extensive experience programming in C/C++ and Java.
Development experience with handsets/carriers in the US/Europe/Asia markets is a plus.
Experience in J2ME / Symbian / BREW/ Windows Mobile / PalmOS and other mobile environments/languages a plus.