Thursday, April 21, 2005

Kameleon Interview

I had the chance to interview another player in the physical world connection space.

Their Blue Spots is a great concept and should be a perfect way to implement location based advertising.
Go to their SITE and play with all of the opportunties for this.


Can you briefly describe what Kameleon offers to consumers and corporations.
Kameleon make the objects become interactive.

Kameleon Mobile Technologies "Blue Spots" can be placed in theatres, retail stores, point of sale displays, and outdoor billboard locations. With just one click the mobile consumer can get enhanced product information when and where he's near the point of sale. We offer consumers the information they need when they need.

We offer corporations a new way to reach out-of-home on-the-go consumers. They can add incentive to purchase and even make their products available in a few clicks on a mobile phone.

What is the biggest obstacle your company and this industry is facing?

The biggest obstacle we are facing is to make people aware of the possibility of their mobile phones and to make it easy for them to use it.

Corporations or consumers, who are you catering your business to?

Now, we are selling our solution to corporations as they will pay to invest this new media. But our solution will not work if we don’t gain consumer attention with interesting content and an easy-to-use one click solution.

What is taking service providers so long to implement this?

Because it’s a new technology with some risks associated to it. Due to what happen with the Internet bubble, people are more cautious nowadays. So we need to get more actors around the table to convinced them and to set up a large network.

Has the search engine industry recognized how your product, and this new industry, will be the catalyst for mobile marketing? (ie. Have any search engines contacted you about any business relationships?)


When do we see the ability to click on a barcode/2d code and purchase/retrieve info happening?

You don’t have to click on a barcode or anything else to retrieve the info with Kameleon. All you have to do is to be in the range (45ft) of a “BlueSpot” shown by a pictogram on the object and click on our application on your mobile phone. Once this click is made you can go anywhere to consult the information.

Every company has at least one, what is your biggest fear.

Our biggest fear is that our technology is too advanced for the regular user.

If you could land one specific customer/client, who would it be?

A big outdoor media company.

Can Kameleon be incorporated into an RFID tag?

No, but we can incorporate RFID Tag in Kameleon solution.

If you had to sum up Kameleon in one sentence, it would be.
With Kameleon wake up a whole new world and surf an interactive city with your mobile phone.

What separates us from our competitors?

We have developed a specific Bluetooth enhancement that makes the connection faster, less power consuming and most important of all in one click.
I think we are the only one to propose a solution that both physically fits everywhere and provide rich information to consumers in a simple “one click” way.

Any mobile campaigns you are/will be working on.

We have done a campaign for Renault (French carmaker) in their showroom of the Champs-Elysées, Paris and we some other campaigns will be launched soon.

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