Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Sprint Offers Location Based Services

Ahhh the pieces are coming together now and the story is taking shape.

This is big.

From Sprint launches location-based roadside rescue service .

Sprint today introduced two new location-based services for mobile phone users. The service will allow customers to access driving directions and roadside assistance through a simple wireless voice call at $4.00 per month plus airtime.

When dialing in, depending on the Sprint PCS phone you have, an operator will locate your coordinates and can then provide turn-by-turn directions to set you back on track.

Sprint plans to offer additional opt-in location-based voice services and location-based data services in the near future.

Possible scenarios would allow for mapping services to provide location specific weather information, detailed maps, traffic information and points of interest such as nearby ATMs, gas stations and restaurants.

Remember that Google Makes A Googol story? Another piece of the puzzle found.

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