Friday, April 08, 2005

MyThum And Givex Hook Up For M-Coupons

From Givex and MyThum create Mx-Coupon program .

TORONTO, April 5 /CNW/ - MyThum Interactive , a leading provider of mobile
messaging solutions and Givex Corporation , a card management company
specializing in stored value transaction processing, jointly announce the
launch of the Mx-Coupon program to enable the delivery of redeemable coupons
to mobile phones through text messaging.

The integrated solution allows MyThum to deliver text messages with a
Givex Coupon Number to wireless cell phone users as a component of permission-
based marketing campaigns and loyalty programs in Canada and the United
States. The consumer then shows their message at the point of sale, where it
can be redeemed by merchants currently using the Givex gift card processing

"By incorporating Mx-Coupons into mobile campaigns, MyThum and Givex are
able to deliver a measurable return on marketing investment
" said Michael
Carter, President, MyThum Interactive. "Partnering with Givex enables MyThum
to offer an end-to-end, innovative mobile service to its customers," adds

The Mx-Coupon Program is more cost effective than direct mail marketing
because it eliminates printing and physical distribution costs
. The merchant
is able to track coupons and monitor their redemption relative to the number
of coupons issued. Usage of Mx-Coupon generates vital information on consumer
behaviour that can facilitate more accurate target marketing in subsequent

"There is a huge market out there anxiously waiting for more ingenious
ways to utilize cell phones," says Karen Budahazy
, Senior Vice President,

There are many ingenious ideas coming Karen.

"These consumers carry their phones everywhere. So, Mx-Coupon is always
with them, adding the benefit of using cell phones as a versatile means of
payment," further explains Budahazy.

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