Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Flytxt Interview

A successful mobile marketing campaign will require creativity and have to offer something of value.
Getting permission has never been harder or rewarding when accomplished.

That is why I think focus should directed on mobile advertising companies and their campaigns.

I will be doing interviews to introduce you to some of the companies I feel have done, and are doing a great job. If any mobile advertising companies want me to tell their story, please email me.

Flytxt is one I have been following and I like what they are doing.

They have agreed to answer some of my questions I have about mobile advertising.

What are the biggest obstacle mobile marketing faces?

The biggest obstacles are:

Lack of education - mobile marketing services and technology: “marketers don’t know what is available and possible to help them meet their marketing objectives.”

Brand adoption – Companies need to gradually experiment and adopt mobile marketing as part of their marketing mix

Carrier-friendliness – There is too much red tape involved in getting a mobile marketing campaign off the ground at the moment. A loosening of the rules is necessary for the industry to blossom.

When do we see advertisers shift their ad dollars to mobile, or what will it take for corporations to shift their ad dollars.

2005 is kick-off year. We are currently seeing a number of large advertisers experimenting with mobile. We expect the market will steadily grow over the next 4 years and blossom in 2009.

The key in the short term is to demonstrate that mobile marketing delivers a strong ROI. The key is also to position mobile marketing in the right slots within the marketing mix

When a customer downloads a ring tone, or sends a text to a short code, who owns that data?

As long as marketers get an explicit opt-in from the customer, the data is owned by that marketer, and no one else.

What comes after ring tones, wallpaper and coupons?

Mobile marketing is an ever-evolving space. Handsets are changing on a monthly basis, enabling technologies such as:
· Mobile TV and radio
· Mobile Games
· Mobile Internet browsing
. Mobile Ticketing

Have you combined TV with mobile in any of your campaigns?

Yes, one of the most successful campaigns we ran was for Coca-Cola,
Txt Music to 84190

Here is their campaign

Are there any campaigns you’re working on now that you can share?

Our deal with Time Inc has commenced with Teen People and People Magazines focusing on:
1. Establishing a channel for mobile interaction within the magazines,
2. Creating an opted-in mobile community of loyal readers, engaging them in regular value-add communications with the brand.
3. Increase mobile interactivity among the Teen People audience and create multiple long-term mobile marketing and revenue channels
Reward the core readership (in the form of the “Teen People Mobile Club”) through loyalty rewards delivered via the mobile channel)

This is an exciting development for our work in the US as Time Inc are taking a long-term approach to developing their mobile activity and mobile channels. Time Inc in partnership with Flytxt are developing a sustainable strategy, rather than rolling out a series of isolated campaigns, as been the case so far in the U.S.

The story that i discussed before is here.

Anything upcoming you’re excited about.

Mobile advertising is an exciting development. This involves brands “renting” space on the carrier portals. This is a $300m industry in Japan already and is poised to grow strongly in the rest of the world.

If you could land one brand or client, who would it be?

Apple because I love their products

What separates you from other mobile marketing companies?

Flytxt’s offers Mobile Marketing Services and Technology under one roof, which enables us to provide both: the best mobile marketing solution paired with an intelligent, outstanding, reliable technology offering.

The most established Mobile marketing services & Technology provider in Europe and USA. Founded 5 years ago; over 2000 campaigns undertaken for clients to date.

One of the largest mobile marketing services companies. Over 40 people, offices in UK, Germany and US running campaigns throughout Europe and the US.

12th Fastest Growing Technology Company in the 2004 Times Top 100
Winner of the 2004 Marketing Direct Mobile Intelligence Award and the Revolution Award 2005 for Orange Wednesdays

Founder members of the Mobile Marketing Association and active members of the Direct Marketing Association

In one sentence describe Flytxt.

We develop and deliver innovative mobile marketing and technology solutions to support and extend our clients’ existing consumer relationships.

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