Tuesday, April 26, 2005

$26 Billion By 2010

From PR Newswire Worldwide directory assistance revenues to reach $26.2 billion by 2010 .

The need for mobile information has never been greater. The opportunity for a Google mobile directory has never been greater either.

According to The Pierz Group forecast, Americans looked for phone numbers
over 43 billion times in 2004. Six and a half billion of those phone number
look-ups in the U.S. were calls to directory assistance.

When adding other sources of telephone number look-ups (such as print
directories, Internet Yellow Pages and search engines like Google and Yahoo!),
no other country looks up more phone numbers than the United States

Wireless carriers routinely provide directions, movie
start times and locations, search by Yellow Pages category or by location, and
weather reports for any city in the country

I see a Google mobile directory service around the corner. No more giving Sprint $1.25 for something Google can give me for free.

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