Monday, April 18, 2005

Give Them What They Want

From Easy does it .

Navigating to content through a series of menus can be frustrating for users. Recommendation engines promise to remove the pain from the content discovery process, and take providers' sales to new levels.

Give users what they want? Not if they can't find it.

An industry rule of thumb from the fixed Internet was content providers lose half their audience to frustration or ennui at every additional click it takes them to find what they want. Why should the mobile Internet be any different?

Indeed, a usability report from Norman Nielsen Group found that, to be genuinely useful, mobile portals must be able to bring content to users within approximately 30 seconds. Put another way, users are unlikely to discover content that is more than 30 seconds from the portal homepage. While the research is a few years old, its message was never more relevant.

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