Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Mobile Advertising More Important Than TV

From The Feature.com Why mobile advertising will be more important that TV advertising .

Mike Masnick writes some pretty good stuff. He picks apart a story very well.

In a sign that advertisers are finally recognizing that mobile spam doesn't work, one big advertising agency outlines the challenges in making people want to get mobile advertising.

Just as advertisers are realizing that the dream of pushing real-time ads to mobile devices is dying, it appears that a few are recognizing the power of advertising that's pulled by the user, rather than pushed by the advertiser. In fact, some say that user-requested mobile advertising is going to eventually take the place of television advertising.

User requested/pull marketing is the the key variable with mobile. What will get the consumer to request info and GIVE ME PERMISSION to market to them. The Primate has alluded to numerous ideas.

In other words, the whole mindset behind the entire advertising industry needs to change from one that's about getting as many eyeballs on the ad as possible to getting people to actually want to see the ad.

The mobile device becomes a window onto the the rest of the world for anyone who wants more information. It is not, however, a passive medium to which constant advertising can be pushed, but a tool that people will use
to find specific answer to specific questions.

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