Monday, April 25, 2005

Googling On The Go

I will have a post that offers a better way for all of this.

From DM Googling on the go: Is the future of search in your pocket? .

It shouldn’t be that hard to find a pizza place, especially in New York City. A stroll down any West Side street should reveal at least five Original Ray’s Pizzerias, among many other chains and small establishments.

Mobile and SMS search providers, however, namely Google and Yahoo, make it seem like a chore. And they have a simple solution

Mobile search is the natural outgrowth of the search culture built by Google and Yahoo

You can use Google SMS to conduct local searches (text the category or business name and the ZIP code or location to GOOGL); to look up residential phone book listings; to get driving directions; find movie show times; get weather forecasts; check flight times; and see instant stock quotes

You also can text a question to GOOGL and get a response using Google’s Q&A.

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