Friday, September 30, 2005

Mobile Search Gets Direct Connect

I received a great comment to my story yesterday on how Google can connect the physical world from Philippe.

In his words "In France we have a special system that can reach already 20 Millions of custumers (over 45 M). It's the SMS. You just send by SMS : Nike to a short code (30130), Apple, or any keyword and you'll have by return a simple URL, you just have to click on it to be redirected to the mobile site of Nike,.... Very easy to understand for the customer, and you don't need to wait 5 years to have bar code embeded in each cell phone"

That's a great idea, and I think 4INFO(44636), Google SMS(46645) or Qtags(78247) will implement that soon.

That will be ANOTHER way these companies can charge for keywords. It could also alleviate the trademark issue problems search engines will soon face.

My thinking is that Google starts selling advertisers mobile keywords. Trademark owners "own" theirs, but other highly requested mobile search words like pizza, doctor will be sold soon.

Think about Google Wi-Fi, GoogleTalk and soon GoogleGPS. Type in "foot doctor" and receive the closest results based on your mobile phone location.

I can imagine sending the keyword "NIKE" to 4INFO(44636) and getting a link to a WAP site of their choosing. NIKE could change the site of choice based on where the SMS came from. There are lots of ideas I have here.

I also think brands could start mobile campaigns and make their products interactive by just using the barcode NUMBER as an identifier.

Procter and Gamble have over 100,000 keywords (barcodes) at their disposal, why not use them to make every packaged good a mobile marketing campaign?

Yeah I know that's a lot of numbers to type. Would you do it for a $1.00 coupon or a free ringtone? Me thinks yes.

HOWEVER, the point that most are missing is the direct connect feature. Why should I have to send an SMS, wait for a return text to get Nike's link when I could just type NIKE in a special browser and it would take me there? Isn't this quicker?

Doesn't THIS give the brand more control? Think of all trademarked words and how powerful that could be for them.

This "browser" will have to be universally accepted in order to work though.

Just my thoughts, but I think pretty soon "mobile search" will morph into "mobile navigation". When this does mobile marketing will become more than text and win campaigns.



Larry said...

Oh Great Ponderer
Where can I get that special browser? I want it now. It sounds so simple

Anonymous said...

Primate, you say you think that google will sell mobile keywords but that is what many of us fear, that they will beat us at the same game because there is no way that a little company can compete in the same field as a google unless of course they PARTNER?

Anonymous said...

Google's a two step process via te SMS route, Neomedia is a one step process, point and click, or type in and click via the MMS route. Which is more attractive...more simplicity or more cumbersome process?

If it's a "hand's free" (e.g. image recognition, voice, gps) I'm for it. Typing in those codes or words will get old fast later on as technology improves.


Terence said...

Barcodes enable everybody to have a physical link to its product or whatever on a simple way, with reduced costs. Now try doing the same with a SMS-based campaign.

I think qTags is an awesome idea, as it turns out to be a powerful sms-campaign enabler. I would venture to say that qTags can be a first step towards barcodes - as they share an unique identifier feature.

Oh well, as barcodes will pave the way to a rfid world, anyway.