Wednesday, April 19, 2006

bCode Does SMS Ticketing

Add bCode to the mobile coupon list

bCODE transforms any paper ticket into a simple SMS Text Message that can be sent directly to your mobile phone, PDA or wireless email device.

bCODE is a normal SMS
Works on 99% of mobiles
Fast and Safe
Easy to use
No download or registration required


Serge said...

Well, and what do you when you have this ticket in the form of a text message? You show it to the ticketer who visually scans it, immediately deciphers it and says "enjoy the movie"? ;)))

Anonymous said...

No - There is a scanner device that reads the SMS ticket/voucher/whatever from your mobile device screen. The scanner also includes a high quality screen and audio that provide a customizable experience ... go see Star Wars and Darth Vader invites you to enter :-)

Anonymous said...

Wen i have the sms code on my phone and it is scanned how is the ticket validated?