Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Infolust Or Physical World Connection?

The fact that TrendWatching is recognizing Physical World Connection, means adoption is around the corner. Trendwatching puts into pictures what I have been discussing on PP.


Trendwatching has a great summary called InfoLust. I urge all PP readers to look at this story.

The driving force behind INFOLUST is a basic human need. Which goes for most consumer trends. In this case: the need for power and empowerment, or at least the illusion thereof.

Information is power. So is knowledge. And being in the know. And now that INFOLUST can be satisfied instantly, and millions of consumers have had a taste of the new, transparent world of information distribution, expectations about access to information have been raised

Acces to such information will include:

Dumb objects, smart codes
Codes linked to text/SMS
Traditional barcodes
Advanced codes
Customer made codes
Audio recognition

All of these are Physical world hyperlinks.

Yes Charlie , those are some nice bananas. Forgive the Primate for being slow to expose this.

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charlie said...

infolust was a great issue from trendwatching. indeed, i have been reading them religiously for some time now. really great ideas.

and, yes, i thought of you when they spent so many inches on the web to world connection.