Thursday, April 27, 2006

Veritec And Their 2D Codes Come Out Of Bankruptcy

Veritec, and their 2D codes, VERICODE and VSCode, are coming out of bankruptcy.

Veritec developed software to store, display and read a VeriCode® on the LCD screen of a mobile phone.

With the electronic media, information such as credit card, bank account, airline tickets, bus tickets, and medical information can be transmitted to the individual mobile phone. The mobile phone serves the function of an electronic credit card or ID card.

In 2003 Veritec developed and patented a new two-dimensional code, the VSCode®.

Data Matrix code cannot match the data density level of VeriCode® nor the large data capacity of VSCode®. An example of the importance of this feature is the LCD panel marking application where data needs to be contained in a tiny symbol. The VeriCode® symbol can be made as small as 1/30 the size of the Data Matrix symbol

Veritec offers VERICODE® which can hold more than 500 bytes of data and VSCode® which has capacity of over 4,000 bytes. This represents a significant amount more than 1D bar codes.

compare a 2D code to a 1D code (barcode).

Patents include:

US Patent No. 4,924,078 (1990)
US Patent No. 5,332,176 (1990)
US Patent No. 5,612,524 (1997)
European Patent No. 0438841 (2000

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