Tuesday, April 11, 2006

WamPad Offers A Great Mobile Search Site

Here's another great mobile search site I want to alert PP readers to. This has the makings for an "all-in-one" mobile search site.

WamPad or http://www.wampad.com

It's very basic today, but I have been told there will be more features in the works and no software to download to the phone. This site is designed to allow you to easily access a varity of information.

They have integrated the UPC database that allows price comparison using Froogle and Yahoo Shopping.

When using a zip code, you can view movie times, lottery results, weather and

You can also look up info on wikipedia, patent and flight information.

With someones username you can view a mobile viewable version of their Myspace, Flickr, del.icio.us profile.

Don't take my word for it try it out. It still has a couple kinks, but it's fast and I can see lots of offerings that will eliminate dependency on SMS searches.


Anonymous said...

I guess their reveunue model is to get acquired?

wampad said...

That's one way. I'm leaving it open to add ads in places like the secondary page when you search and also for shopping and news soon. It would be nice if I could do this as my day job rather then a toy I started to play with when I got my new phone.

Scott Shaffer said...

Keep up the good work.

Most people can tell the site is a work in progress, but this has the potential of being a great mobile portal.

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