Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Call For Content From CommerceTel

Why type in lengthy domain names, when you can just dial a number.

CommerceTel's new Call-For-Content enables a phone number to connect to content.

CallForContent starts with your own local or toll-free phone number for mobile phone users to navigate, select and receive your content.

Dialing a number is a lot easier that entering a long url on a mobile phones browser!

Viewers of your national print, television or radio campaign can receive information or content by simply dialing your telephone number and selecting their content.

How it works

CommerceTel's flagship service Call for Content gives merchants the ability to process all types of payment transactions through their existing phone system.

The service works with any VISA, MC and ACH payment processor using any one of the nearly 200 payment gateways

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Virtual Office Phone said...

Thanks for briefly discussing the workings of CommerceTel's call for content feature.