Friday, April 07, 2006

Physical World Connection Gets Attention AT CTIA

There is a lot happening in the physical world connection space and it is apparent at the CTIA show.

I am digesting my interview notes, pics and ponderings from the show and will have a complete Primate summary shortly.

Lots of creative ideas for how to connect the physical world (or as many are calling it, the real world) to the electronic one. I got a chance to see a couple new PWC and some different type of physical world hyperlinks too.

The big mobile players are getting interested in this space and I had a chance to provide my input to a few of them.

I have a different perspective on how and when the physical world connection will get adopted.

You will be hearing about a couple companies (not mentioned on PP) that have some eye-opening, maybe I should say (camera phone opening) technology.

Stay tuned, lots to share.

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