Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Your Face Is A Bar Code

This is another example of physical world connection. Your face is a machine readable identifer.

From Japan Times Your face could become a bar code

For an hour or two each day over the course of two to three weeks, one of the station's ticket gates will be closed to the general public. A newly-developed biometric camera, capable not only of photographing faces, but of analyzing facial data and in essence converting each person's face into a unique bar code, will be at work, snapping shots of participants in the experiment as they pass back and forth through the gate.

Its point is to assess how well the camera works. If it works well, will it be adopted nationwide, in subway stations, train stations and elsewhere?

NTT Docomo recently adopted Neven Vision's application for this.

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Anonymous said...

Facial recognition is just another one of those vastly overhyped technologies that can never deliver on its promises.

Remember when facial recognition was going to be used to spot terrorists and criminals at sporting events, etc.? Remember how it got dumped fast because it had all kinds of false positives?

Unless they can figure out a problem where reliability is not a big deal -- and there aren't many security problems like that -- it's going the way of AI more generally.