Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Neven Vision Adds Mobile Visual Search

Physical world connection player Neven Vision announces their mobile marketing application.

From SoCal Tech Neven Vision adds mobile visual search

Neven Vision has announced a new, brandable mobile search solution targeted at marketers, the firm announced today at CTIA Wireless.

The firm said that its new software can be used for image-based mobile marketing campaigns. The software allows consumers to capture pictures with their cell phones, in order to get marketing offers or enter contests. Neven Vision is developing vision recognition systems that run on wireless platforms.

Neven Vision just landed NTT DoCoMo as client for their image recognition technology.

See their consumer mobile marketing app iScout


Anonymous said...

In all seriousness, how is this technology supposed to work on a large scale?

My strong impression is that even OCR on camera phones, with their lousy imaging, is terribly unreliable, even when it's just looking for things such as URLs, which offer considerable contextual information to resolve ambiguities.

And OCR requires only that one recognize well less than 100 patterns for all the lower and upper case letters and numerals, have good contrast with their background, have contextual info of great value, and can be worked on for years or decades, because they're constant.

How do you use the same imager to recognize logos and patterns for many hundreds or thousands of advertisers -- logos that go in and out of existence over time anyway?

Scott Shaffer said...

From what I saw today, I have a pretty good idea what types of mobile marketing campaigns we will start seeing soon.

The CTIA show was very enlightening.