Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ontela Launches PicDeck Mobile Scanning Technology

Ontela, another physical world connection player that uses the camera on your camera phone as your real world mouse, introduces their new mobile marketing app.

I saw their demonstration yesterday and have a meeting with management this am.
Ontela launches PicDeck

Ontela, Inc., a Seattle-based mobile software and services provider, today announced their PicDeck™ technology that makes mobile imaging applications easier to install and use.

Ontela’s PicDeck technology enables its partners’ image applications to act on a user’s photos automatically.

For example, an image of a barcode can trigger a partner’s PicDeck application to decode the barcode and return a review of the item. An image of a business card can trigger a PicDeck application to scan the business card and insert the results directly into the address book on the phone and on the user’s work PC.

A simple photo can trigger a PicDeck application to move the picture to the user’s favorite photo sharing website or photo organizing software. Ontela ensures that the right partner’s application is triggered automatically, as soon as the shutter clicks.

Applications already written with the PicDeck technology include mobile comparison shopping, music buying via CD cover recognition, business card scanning, and integration with photo sharing services

I'll post more information about PicDeck later.

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