Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Next Thing For Mobile Search

Working with a small screen and a tiny keyboard, there will have to be a better method of searching using a mobile phone. I have pointed out that it's really mobile info that we are looking for, not mobile search.

Om Malik has a story asking Is mobile voice search hot?

Voice based search companies like PromptU are using voice-based search technologies, where you speak into the phones and the search results are sent back to your handset.

Another company that is making a lot of waves in this space is San Diego-based V-Enable. The company showed off its search capabilities at CTIA and claims that it was getting 90% accurate results and was sending them back to the mobile phone in less than a second.

I got a chance to meet with the company and see their technology. It's very easy to use and I could see the applications for it.

The problem with voice moble search is knowing what the correct words are to get what information. In other words, you have to do a search, to do a voice search.

TellMe is a partner. Where Nuance is the "platform" for speech recognition, V-Enable provides the traffic with mobile applications.

Their intellectual property is how fast the keyword is compressed and matched against the database. They are currently talking to search and advertising companies for partners.


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