Wednesday, April 12, 2006

How Do You Target Mobile Ads?

This time it really is different. Mobile advertising will require permission and in order to get that, you must give the consumer something.

In my opinion, an effective mobile marketing campaign will involve giving a consumer more than a free item, but a "service" that will use cross marketing. How will you CONTINUE to reach that consumer?

I read the stats on a campaign and see the "success rate". These marketing campaigns are one time hits, there is a better way.

From TelecomWeb Targeted mobile ads will be tolerated

Advertising is making its way into the mobile industry, following in the footsteps of mobile marketing, according to a recent IDC study. According to a new report from the research firm, mobile advertising has the potential to offer a new way to add value to the mobile chain

What is proving to be the biggest headache is how best to introduce advertising via mobile handsets, due to the variety of business models from which to choose.

A new form of marketing application is the cellphone coupon provider. ( I believe mobile coupons will be a great tool for mobile marketing because the success of a campaign can be quantified immediately) There are also two revenue streams from it.

I have lots of ideas that will allow brands and mobile marketing companies to Interrupt this broadcast

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Oliver said...


You might be interested in taking a look at Signicom which I covered here.

They seem to defy the "permission required" model and in a truly devious way; by having their application - which is essentially an embedded advertisment serving mechanism masquerading as some other higher value content - installed on your phone before you take delivery of that phone from the carrier.

No word on how difficult it is to remove the Signicom applications or if they can even be removed at all. I'd be curious to see what you think of this approach and how you think the consumer will respond too.