Friday, April 21, 2006

Scanbuy Compares More Than Prices With Barcode

Mission Impossible III uses Scanbuy for mobile marketing.

From RedandBlack Camera phones to aid shoppers

A new technology now stands to eliminate the frustrations of comparison shopping.

The company Scanbuy, Inc., has developed software that enables camera phone users to snap a picture of an item’s barcode, which then cues the phone to launch an application to search the Internet for the lowest prices at nearby retailers or online.

In Spain or the United Kingdom, camera phone users contemplating whether Tom Cruise’s upcoming movie really does provide all the thrills and explosive action it promises can scan a barcode located on a “Mission Impossible III” movie poster.

From this scan, users will have the movie’s trailers, reviews and even the option of buying tickets all at their fingertips.

Scanbuy’s technology also has the ability to reveal the history of many items.

Scanbuy recently introduced Scanbuy Coupons.

Coupons and Tickets can be ordered through multiple means such as SMS, USSD, barcode capture.

Barcode Coupons and Tickets can be sent through SMS (EMS or Picture Mail), MMS, WAP Push, Personal WAP account, or even managed through a dedicated Client App

Recognizing the fact many in the United States still do not have camera-equipped cell phones, Attia’s company will launch an application this May that will allow users to simply type in the barcode number to get the same information


Anonymous said...

Must be getting really close to a final outcome between Scanbuy and Neomedia.

Anonymous said...

Scott, do you have any more information on the application scanbuy will be launching in May, or know where I can get more info?

No Name said...

I'll have more details when it becomes available.