Friday, April 21, 2006

Intelcom Connects Physical World With Cameraphone

Add NPC Intelcom to the physical word connection list.

From their site.

Until recently scanning and decoding of 2D symbology was a challenge. First, linear barcode scanners, - those ones you can see in stores and supermarkets, - can't be used to read 2D-symbols because they read the symbol only in one direction.

Second, cheap and hi performance hardware platforms did not exist until now and they were not able to decode 2D symbology. Both problems have been resolved: processors have enough processing power, digital CCD-cameras are not expensive and are connected to the hardware through standard high-speed interfaces (USB ports for instance).

Thus the most widely-spread in the world hardware - PCs, minicomputers PDAs (Portable Device Assistants), mobile phones with digital cameras - are now capable of decoding 2D barcodes.

The only thing you need is a software program which can recognize digital images of the surface with a barcode on it. It is that kind of software that is developed by NPC Intelcom .

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