Thursday, April 13, 2006

Physical World Connection......Through Music

Just as there are many forms of physical world hyperlinks (PWH), there are other ways to connect to the Internet besides using the optical character recognition feature of a camera phone.

When the phone "scans" a song (PWH), connects to the Internet, and delivers information back to your cell phone, you have created a physical world connection.

When you hear a song, just dial #43.
Hold your Cingular phone up to the speaker for about 15 seconds, then end the call.
You'll soon receive a text messaging telling you the name and artist of a song

MusicID is only $.99 per successful identification and billed directly to your monthly Cingular Wireless bill.

Before it was Cingular, AT&T Wireless initially offered this service in the US back in 2004

MusicID is also available for customers of Virgin Mobile USA. SongIdentity is available for Alltel.

Shazam provides the technology for MusicID, 411-Song and SongIDentity.
RocketMobile MusiWave , and GraceNote are some of the other providers of the service.

Gracenote makes music identification tools that are used by Apple's iTunes. Apple has been hinting at offering a cell phone service. See the possibilities?

Going the other way, using Gracenote's metadata technology and Nuance's speech recognition, you will be able to say "Play The Boss" and find all of Bruce Springeteen's songs.

This is another example of how your mobile phone will be used to interact with the physical world (real world), by using a physical world hyperlink, and retrieve information from the Internet.

Wireless carriers have adopted one form of PWC, but there are much bigger ones to come.

Did you know this is a PWH?

It's part of this list. Like I have been saying there are ENDLESS physical world hyperlink.

The number of PWHs, and ways to link to the Net, will grow exponentially in the next couple of years.

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Thanks for the PWH link--

"It's part of "THIS" list."

This will make for a great
trivia --"Name that Tune"--
contest this weekend. All I
need is a half dozen buzzers.