Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Traction Offers Complete Marketing Platform

In order to offer a complete mobile marketing platform, you need Traction .

I haven't found many marketing agencies that include ALL mediums, so I was eager to see Traction's application when they unveiled it at the CTIA show. Most are not incorporating IPTV or speech into their product.

Traction is an ASP delivered Digital Marketing Platform allowing agencies to easily and efficiently manage campaigns such as outbound broadcast or inbound interactions across a variety of channels.

Traction allows you to deliver inbound or outbound interactions across all 9 digital channels Email, SMS, Web, ITV, XML, VXML, API to API, DTMF and IVR content.

The Traction Platform is being brought to the USA by MassMedia Studios who developed the technology in Australia and have been marketing it both there and in the UK for the last 3 years.

Traction has been snapped up in the past 2 months by a number of both larger general advertising agencies and the smaller more innovative interactive agencies.

Existing customers running campaigns on the Traction Platform include Audi, Garnier, L’oreal and Unilever.

I saw a recent campaign from a major brand that used the Traction platform. The various methods to reach a consumer and the analytical tools they offer are impressive.

Look for announcements soon with these guys.

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Dean Collins said...

Hi Scott,
Well thanks for the vote of recognition.

I have to say the reception of the Traction Platform product by advertising and interactive agencies here in the USA has been fantastic.

When I'm presenting to agencies it's really easy to see who has already tried to push the limits and been frustrated with existing marketing solutions in the US market as once they see the Traction Platform they cant understand why no one else has offered this level of functionality before.

The inbuilt capabilities for broadcasts, competition engines, subscription services and reporting allows your creative team to do what they do best - come up with creative concepts rather than trying to cobble together backend solutions from scratch.

The reception we had at the CTIA 2006 launch has just blown us away and I look forward to hearing from all of your readers as well.


Dean Collins
MassMedia Studios