Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Qpass And SimpleWire Text Message Vending Machine CTIA

This was one of the neat applications I saw from Qpass and Simplewire.

Just send a keyword(diet, coke, water) to shortcode (10958) to get a beverage. Here's the start of mcommerce.


Dean Collins said...

$500 a month for the shortcode from Neustar,
50% of the revenue taken by the telco/aggregator,

Dont forget you will need to enter 2 keywords - 1 for the drink and 1 for your location...otherwise your drink could pop out on the machine in another city (assuming of course you have more than just 1 vending machine in opertion).

There are some other factors here to make premium sms revenue in the USA a viable option other than the technology.


Anonymous said...

How does one invest in this great idea happening else where? I live in tampa bay, Fl and do not see this being used anywhere here. Any ideas let me know....


David W.