Monday, April 24, 2006

Matrix Solutions Uses Data Matrix Code To Connect Physical World

Add Matrix Solutions to the Physical World Connection list

Matrix Solutions uses a data matrix code and mobile phone, to connect the physical world.

The future of mobile marketing has already begun. Matrix Solutions' innovative systems transform the mobile phone into a universal tool. This is potentiated by the Data-Matrix-Code: the cell phone as an admission ticket, a voucher, or a means of payment.

Matrix Solutions offers :
Order a ticket from the organiser via the Internet or a call center. Consumer uses Matrix PicTicket as the form of output, and pays with their credit card number and hangs up.

In the background, the ticket data and SIM card ID are merged in a matter of seconds to generate a unique Data-Matrix-Code which is sent to the mobile as a Matrix PicTicket, along with the relevant concert information.

The consumer receives a Picture SMS. At the entrance to the concert they open the message, and the PicTicket will be read by a scanner and verified on the fly
For the user, Matrix PicCoupon works dead easy. Consumers order vouchers or coupons on the Internet, load them onto their mobile devices, and redeem them at the store. This is facilitated by our pixel-based Data-Matrix-Code.

Order fingerprints online or from your mobile. Load Matrix PicTAN directly onto mobile phone. Scan PicTAN at POS and pay cashless.

Notice how long the list of physical world connection companies is getting. This technology will have an enormous impact on many industries. It's only logical that many players will enter it.

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