Sunday, January 02, 2005

60 Minutes and Google

Just got done watching 60 Minutes and their piece on Google and search.

Very interesting to see what Google has/is doing. The intreview included commentary from a mentor of mine, John Battelle.

Key points to the story, search is moving from the pc to the cellphone.

To see John's thoughts and his blog, click here.

Heres John's qoute from the interview.

"I think it could be summed up in, 'search will no longer live only on your PC,'" says Battelle, when asked to speculate on what the next big breakthrough might be. Google is already moving that way, testing a new product that allows people to send short text messages from their cellphones and get an immediate reply to the search.

This isn’t just an idea; an early version is already out, and anyone with a text-messaging cellphone can play with it for free.

And if that’s not science-fiction enough, Battelle describes another advance potentially on the not-so-distant horizon. Users would, he says, "have a device which is in your pocket, which looks like a phone, and you go to a supermarket and you see a potentially overpriced box of pasta. And you take that device and you wand it over the product code, and you see comparison prices from Google of three other stores that are within a mile, OK? That’s power. That’s search. But no one has quite figured out that. That’s also the future.

John, its coming. Thanks for getting the word out.


Anonymous said...

hey I saw the thing on 60 minutes last night too. Can you tell me again the shortcode. couldn't get it to work so I thought maybe I heard the shortcode wrong.

Scott Shaffer said...

Can you tell me the short code? I don't understand your question..rephrase

Anonymous said...

If you have price comparison shopping going on telling you the nearest store within a mile (two miles, 10 miles, what have you) then wouldn't it be great to have something like involved to automatically tell you the location where the best priced product(s) is?

It'd be a deadly thing to have at car dealership when comparing prices of a new car, van, RV (or used ones). Point. Click. Get your info. And the car on the lot is too much and Mapquest points you to the nearest car dealership where it could save you thousands of dollars depending on what vehicle you buy. That alone pays for the cell phone outright. Same thing for looking at houses in a newspaper add.

If you going to do some big scale shopping comparison, you need direction. And when you do, perhaps plug that info directly into your (soon to be standard) GPS module in your car and off you go without your spouse nagging at you thinking you're going the wrong way.


Anonymous said...

Spoke too soon...

Three months ago, Citysearch unveiled a local search offering that it said would be able to target nearly every zip code in the country. Google rival Overture Services plans to unveil a local search product of its own in the next year.

MapQuest could greatly expand the reach of Google's AdWords program. MapQuest boasts more than 28 million monthly users, generating over 300 million maps and directions each month. Unlike most of Google's paid search distribution deals, however, the MapQuest arrangement does not prominently display the paid listings on the results page, relegating them instead to separate pages off the main results page.

The deal with MapQuest comes as no surprise, as its parent company, AOL, is Google's largest distribution partner. It also reinforces Google's aggressive moves to take paid listings beyond regular search engines. Last week, the company announced its AdSense program, which allows small Web publishers to sign up for their own contextual advertising from Google. The program is meant to greatly expand Google's fledgling Content-Targeted AdWords offering.


Anonymous said...

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