Tuesday, January 11, 2005

MLS Going Mobile

I thought this was a great database application that is going mobile.

From mySan.de Int'l Mobile Listing Advantage (TM) Wireless MLS.

SARASOTA, Fla., Jan. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Retrieval Dynamics Corporation (RDC) today announced that its Mobile Listing Advantage(TM) (MLA) -- wireless Multiple Listing Service (MLS) access -- has been made available for use on select Motorola cell phones from Nextel on its guaranteed all-digital network. The award-winning technology offers Realtors(R) across the country access to MLS data anytime, anywhere on Nextel's network, with instant response to property queries.

With MLA, real estate professionals can search, receive and forward the most current MLS listings with their Nextel wireless cell phone or BlackBerry device anytime, anywhere. The program offers Realtors(R) a tremendous advantage in saving time and money, and being able to instantly respond to their clients needs.

Cathy Nguyen, a Broker Associate in Sarasota, Florida, has been using MLA for the past year. She says it has "changed her business, and her life," by freeing her from the office and allowing her to pick up new MLS information while out in the field with her clients.

"The cost savings in gas alone was well worth the small investment in my monthly subscription to MLA" she stated. "I already had the phone network expense and could easily upgrade my existing cell phone to the Motorola i860 camera phone from Nextel. This gave me a tremendous menu of new features. It has maximized my earlier investment and is helping me make more sales faster".

This is a great app for a realtor, but what about for the buyer? What if every For Sale sign had some identifier that could be clicked or texted and the info came to their cell phone? Then click again to speak to that realtor.

The Internet has changed the compensation model in almost every other profession. Should the real estate business be any different? A commodity is for sale with info from a central database.

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dougor said...

I had built a new application and think it does what this was but better... right now its only the chicago mls... but we are expanding. the site is www.mestate.mobi and should work on most if not all web enabled phones.