Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Here's How You Start Text Messaging In The U.S.

Take a disaster, the tsunami, and ubiquity of cell phones and create a massive relief effort. In turn, you have just educated millions of consumers to the new way of mobile marketing.

I see the govt wants people to contribute $5, $10 to the tsunami relief effort. Can you tell me without going to Google where you would call or send this money? I didn't think so.

Heres what the Sprints and Verizons could do if they had any ingenuity. Send a SMS (text) alert to EVERY customer of theirs with either a way to click ot donate or the number to text to.

Sprint and others, register the number 8786264 (tsunami) and allow people to donate their $5 or 10 right through the phone.

You wont offend people by soliciting for this. So I would think its definitely permissioned.

Millions of people have the ability to click to donate. What's $5 on my cell phone bill. Sure I'll donate. It's that easy.

Why hasn't a service provider thought of that in the US?

Come on guys think! Your cell phone will morph into a credit card soon. You're going to have to do something to educate people on how to use it. You complain about ARPU (avg revenue per user) shrinking, well its not only the ARPU that's shrinking, its your creativity.

Great idea and great way to implement the next generation of mobile marketing.


Anonymous said...

Cool idea! And,it's so simple.
It also goes to impulse buying.

Earle said...

As far as I know, SMS text messages are not authenticated by the handset, making it quite easy to fake a SMS text message. How would a user really know that a SMS message came from an operator like Sprint? I imagine a wave of SMS-Spam is ready to exploit this un-authenticated situation. I do like the idea though. Its much quicker way to receive money than going through a bank.