Thursday, January 13, 2005

A Convergence Of Sorts

A universal SMS platform for PC's and mobiles?

From SMS@ctive Technologies announces SMS T-Bar beta test.

VANCOUVER, Jan. 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Mr. Arshad Shah, President and CEO of SMS@ctive Technologies Corp. is pleased to announce that the Company has successfully completed its Beta tests on its latest mobile instant messaging product, the "SMS T-Bar".

The SMS T-Bar is SMS@ctive's newest mobile instant messaging product. It is based on SMS@ctive's patent pending enterprise solution labeled the "Communication Bar" and the Jabber Open Source Instant Messaging Platform.

Short message service (SMS) is a globally accepted wireless service that enables the transmission of alphanumeric messages between mobile subscribers and external systems such as electronic mail, paging, and voice-mail systems. The primary benefits of SMS for subscribers center around convenience, flexibility, and seamless integration of messaging services and data access. The most notable benefit is the ability to use the handset as an extension of the computer

The SMS T-Bar will provide PC users with the ability to send SMS messages from the Microsoft Internet Explorer's menu bar to wireless users anywhere in the world and receive replies directly from the receiving wireless device. The reply will come back directly to the Microsoft Internet Explorer on the PC's desktop. This new SMS messaging platform is scalable to support virtually unlimited numbers of messages on a daily basis.

Arshad Shah, stated "The Company's marketing and sales team have started to introduce the product with the successful testing of the SMS T-Bar. We will now begin to aggressively market the SMS T-Bar in People's Republic of China and North America.

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