Friday, January 28, 2005

Yahoo's Local Search..Doesn't Make Sense

From Industry Standard Yahoo links local search with mobile phones.

I guess I dont get it. Or I dont get why you would Yahoo instead of Google. The whole point of mobility is being mobile isnt it?

Yahoo Inc. on Thursday rolled out a new feature in its local search service that lets users send results from their PCs to mobile phones, the company said. At Yahoo Local, which is a directory of business listings, users can search for restaurants in Denver, Colorado, or for dentists in Philadelphia. Now, they can send Yahoo Local results as a text message to their mobile phones directly from their PCs by clicking on a new "send to phone" button that accompanies every listing.

You can see for yourself Yahoo local.

But I would rather send a text to 46645 "GOOGL" and get the same results immediately. This defeats the spontaneity.

With 46645 "GOOGL", I can check prices of goods by inputting a barcode number on a product.

So I guess I dont see the value in Yahoo's new local service.

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