Monday, January 17, 2005

Mobile Search SMS Style

From MediaPost Media companies gear up for wireless ads.

Two advertising firms recently announced their entrance into the mobile device advertising fray, possibly signaling major growth in that sector as a venue for reaching consumers.

On Friday, Laguna Hills, Calif.-based Interchange Corporation launched its new SMS Local wireless search beta, which lets consumers search for products and services via wireless Internet and returns names of nearby businesses. And Rye, N.Y.-based Lake Group Media announced late last month a partnership with the SMS Media Group to send sponsorship ads to cell phone subscribers who have opted-in to receive alerts on their mobile phones.

Publishers are also increasingly making their content available for mobile Web browsers, Burgess said. "Household names in entertainment, sports, business, are in the process of putting out their mobile content," said Burgess, whose publishing clients include USA Today, MSN, and Weatherbug. "And those are the key categories that advertisers are seeking

Interchange's beta SMS Local service works nationwide with any SMS-enabled mobile phone or device. It allows customers to send search terms to 56225 ("local" on most phones), and messages them with nearby merchants or service providers. SMS Local is powered by Interchange's proprietary Keyword DNA system, which has indexed 10 million businesses nationwide. For the beta, all businesses are included in the listings. When the product goes live, businesses will be able to purchase paid listings that will be displayed first.

Do you see how Google is becoming a non-event in the mobile world?

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