Monday, January 24, 2005

Pill Reminder Via SMS

From iTWeb Medication reminders via SMS.

Johannesburg, 24 January 2005] - Cape Town-based company SIMpill and telecoms partner Tellumat Communications have developed a solution for the wireless monitoring and support of patients on chronic medication.

“The SIMpill incorporates wireless technology to monitor and remind patients with chronic conditions to take their medication as prescribed, as well as enable health organisations to be more efficient and cost-effective in their patient care,” says SIMpill inventor Dr David Green.

“When a pill bottle is opened, it delivers an SMS to the central server. Immediately the server receives the incoming SMS, and if this is within the appointed time tolerance set for the patient, this message is stored for statistical purposes.

“Should no message be received, the server can produce a number of responses such as sending a reminder to the patient's handset, a family member, or a healthcare professional.”

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