Saturday, January 08, 2005

SMS Ready To Explode In US

From I=Newsire SMS Ready to explode in US market.

-Newswire, 2005-01-08 - By now almost everyone has experienced a text message on their mobile phone. Whether it be a service alert from their wireless provider or a text message from an individual; text is the newest way to get Mobile content for your cell phone! and it is getting ready to explode in the U.S.

SMS stands for Short Message Service, commonly called text messaging. The U.S. has lagged behind Europe, Asia and Australia where billions of messages are transmitted and the medium is maturing. A reported 2.3 billion text messages are being sent monthly in the U.K., and millions of consumers are downloading ringtones, wallpaper and games for their mobile. In America, the platform is set for explosive growth in 2005. Nearly 170 million people now have a cell phone in the U.S.

Many Internet portals have already jumped on the SMS medium including Google, Yahoo and MSN. Text messaging will be the platform of choice for new, direct mobile data services such as stock quotes, news alerts, daily horoscopes, and other content to be delivered to cell phone subscribers.

Expect to get everything on your phone from news to your bank balance in the coming months as text messaging rolls out in North America.

Think of SMS alerts as the second part of mobile advertising. What will be the first part? What will make you opt-in to receive these text alerts? What will be the incentive for you to allow a company to advertise to you on your cell?

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