Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Microsoft Not So Mighty?..I Wonder Why

From Investor's Business Daily Microsoft's mighty web browser starts to look a bit vulnerable.

Considering the number of toolbars available and the frequency of viruses, it looks as though Mister Softee maybe seeing a real threat emerge.

Microsoft saw the future with the PC and the operating system. Windows was a great concept of making the PC friendly for the average user.

Why is that now Microsoft can't see that the cell phone is replacing the PC in terms of units sold and will have more devices connected to the Internet than the PC.

Too many think of the cell phone as a vocal communication device and not as a mobile PC.

When that thinking changes, thats when you see Phase 2 .kick in.



Microsoft is being outfoxed in the Web browser market by a foe it thought it vanquished long ago.

The early success of the Mozilla Foundation's Firefox browser is at best a black eye for Microsoft. (MSFT) The Redmond, Wash., software king has dominated the market for years with its ubiquitous Internet Explorer, only to see its market share slip in recent months

This is clearly another warning sign for Microsoft that a large percentage of their customer base is disenfranchised and they need to fix that," said Rob Enderle, an analyst with the Enderle Group.

Firefox threatens to take away search traffic, as well as the advertising that comes with it, from Microsoft's MSN properties.

"A lot of Microsoft's Web search utility is tied to its browser," Wilcox said. "Microsoft drives a lot of traffic to MSN Search through the browser integrated into Windows."

Firefox diverts search traffic to Google (GOOG) as its default setting.

An interesting stat I read stated that 100% of Google employees use Google for their search and 66% of Microsoft employees use Google for their search engine of choice.

There will be a new platform.

The cell phone will be the mobile PC, and the camera on it will imitate the mouse.

Find the company or operating system than can incorporate that and theres your next Windows.

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