Friday, January 14, 2005

Hypertag Takes Mobile, Mobile

From NetImperative Field marketers armed with electronic tags.

Hypertag seems to be making progress in combining the mobility of a phone with identifiers linking to a website, or info.

Mobile marketing company Hypertag has launched a wearable version of the infra-red and bluetooth tags previously used in interactive poster advertising.

The wearable Hypertags will be aimed at field marketers, enabling them to send content direct to consumer's mobile phones from a fully portable interactive tag.
Hypertags are short-range wireless devices, which send information to mobile phones via infra-red or Bluetooth. A user can activate the infra-red or Bluetooth on their phone, hold it up to the Hypertag and receives content such as vouchers, business cards, ringtones or games.

Because Hypertags use short-range wireless technologies, rather than SMS, interactions are free to both brand and consumer.

That should be incentive enough for implementation.

The firm claims the product “open a new communication route between brands and their customers”. For example, brands could send promotional vouchers direct to phones or could distribute the details of a web-based competition.

"Mobile phones are the communication device of choice for a wide demographic and by incorporating them into field marketing communications brands can talk to their consumers in a way that is relevant to them," Harker added.

Dynamic, one-on-one, and anywhere, and inexpensive...the advertisers dream.

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