Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Free Drinks Through SMS

From NetImperative Drinks industry cashes in on SMS vouchers.

Pub revellers will soon be able to receive complimentary drinks through their mobiles, following a deal between SMS marketing firm i-movo and entertainment network Inspired.

Using I-movo’s mobile marketing platform, drinks companies will be able to run voucher redemption schemes via text message using equipment that is already being used in bars and pubs.

Having opted in to the scheme, the customer receives a text message containing a unique voucher number for a free drink, with details of where and the time period when the voucher is valid.

The customer can then go to the itbox in the specified bar or pub and tap in the voucher number. A paper voucher is then printed out which can be exchanged for the item being promoted, eliminating the need to pay by cash or card.

The technology also tracks each coupon from issue to redemption so drinks companies overcome the problem of void or counterfeit vouchers.

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