Thursday, January 13, 2005

The News Knows

From Revolution Sun goes for youth vote with Page 3 girls for mobiles.

LONDON – News International has launched Sun Mobile selling Sun-branded content for mobile phones, including Page 3 screen savers, games and ringtones.

Sun Mobile will be accessible to users in more than 130 countries, due to News International's partnership with Bango, which manages content delivery and payment. Around half the traffic for The Sun online comes from the US and Canada. Simon Ashley, commercial manager at News Group Digital, said: "It is vitally important that The Sun has a strong presence in all media whether it be print, web or mobile."

According to Ashley, the launch will allow News International to develop a new revenue stream, as well as The Sun's awareness within the youth market. "It's an important step as it allows us to develop a totally new revenue stream, as well as develop the Sun's brand awareness within the youth market, who are comfortable with accessing us via new media," he said. The Sun also has a mobile presence through mobile operators' portals, Vodafone Live! and Orange World.

To see what a Page 3 girl looks like, click here.

I couldnt resist...

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