Monday, January 17, 2005

"Now Turn And Cough"...

From DM Europe Cough tones advertising.

Millions of people in the UK can expect to be struck down with colds or flu at some point this winter - with the average person catching cold between two and five times a year. But next time you're on the train and hear that irritating cough, it may actually be a phone ringing!

Buongiorno Vitaminic, the Italy-based mobile aggregator, has devised an unusual mobile advertising campaign for pharmaceutical giant Pfizer's Benelyn cough medicine that turns a mobile phone's ring-tone into a coughing sound.

The campaign's so-called Cough Tones are an attention-grabbing part of a Benylin campaign to encourage people to identify the type of cough they have and choose the appropriate remedy

Visitors to the site can select one of three free Cough Tones - dry and tickly, loud and chesty or a mixture of both - which is then sent to their mobile.

The site itself is designed to educate customers about coughs and remedies and also includes a free SMS service to send "stop coughing" messages to cough-afflicted friends or colleagues.

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