Friday, January 14, 2005

VC's Look Into Crystal Ball..What Do They See?...

From Moco News.

Six experts look into crystal ball for 2005.

Steve Arnold, Polaris Venture Partners, Seattle, 54 years old

Favorite sectors: Wireless content and infrastructure, including radio frequency identification (RFID). Internet content and commerce applications, including blogging and multiplayer games.

Comeback company of 2005: Motorola. "I know people have downplayed them a little bit, but I think their new focus on integrated consumer applications and new devices is an indication that they are thinking about things in a good way."

Dying company of 2005: Apple.

Greg Gottesman, Madrona Venture Group, Seattle, 35 years old
Favorite sectors: Mobile applications, data integration and voice/video over IP networks.

Comeback companies of 2005: aQuantive. "I think online advertising will continue to be a compelling, growing market." Krispy Kreme: "The doughnuts are just too good. And I think there will be a backlash against Atkins."

Dying company of 2005: "All of the regional Bells. They are not well positioned for the future."

Len Jordan, Frazier Technology Ventures, Seattle, 38 years old

Favorite sectors: Consumer home control, digital media and computing appliances; Ultra-microcomputing; Voice-over IP infrastructure.

Comeback companies of 2005: Intel, HP and Nokia.

Dying company of 2005: Large enterprise software companies. "The gravy train for big software companies is rapidly slowing down."

Bill McAleer, Voyager Capital, Seattle, 53 years old

Favorite sectors: Digital media and wireless applications.

Comeback company of 2005: Watchguard Technologies.

Jonathan Roberts, Ignition Partners, Bellevue, 41 years old
Favorite sectors: Hosted services and business intelligence.

Dying company of 2005: Siebel Systems. "Siebel comes to mind as a company who lost site of providing customer value and are now working hard to regain that focus."

Melissa Widner, SeaPoint Ventures, Bellevue, 37 years old

Favorite sectors: Wireless applications and security software.

Comeback companies of 2005: Wireless data companies. "We are really going to see them take off this year."

Dying companies of 2005: Wireline phone carriers. "We are seeing more and more people getting rid of their land lines at home and going exclusively to their mobile phones. I really don't know what wireline companies are going to do."

Wireless applications and mobile content seem to be the ones to watch..

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